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Skin Base Systems

if in your hair system preference, natural appearance wins comfortable and breathable wearing, you’re at the right place, as these base systems can be made very thin and almost “mold” onto your scalp.

Swiss Lace

Natural Looking Swiss Lace Front With Pu Back Stock Hair Replacement System

Other System

No Sweat Scalp Antiperspirant by Pro Hair Labs

Our No Sweat antiperspirant for the scalp has been designed to provide tough, effective oil control, suitable for every skin type. Pro Hair Labs know that the most problematic factor in ensuring good cosmetic bonding takes place is the ability for the hair adhesive to cure properly. If too much oil is secreted during the curing process, the wig adhesive will not bond effectively and could turn into an unsightly yellow goo in the process.

No Sweat takes all the guess work out of the bonding process, keeping the scalp dry and free from oil for long enough to ensure an excellent bond is made with the hair adhesive. If you or your clients suffer with over active sebaceous glands or oily skin, this product is a must have in your tool kit.

Dermal Mud

Sometimes your scalp just needs a bit more love and attention, and when you are having regular cosmetic bonding procedures performed, it is even more important to take care of the skin underneath. That’s why Pro Hair Labs have developed Dermal Mud – a non-invasive scalp mask to gently draw out toxins and oils from the scalp, leaving skin soft, healthy and rejuvenated.

Our Dermal Mud mask is a quick drying, effective remedy for dry, oily or otherwise poor condition skin, making it ideal as a treatment for any head in preparation for the cosmetic bonding process. As with all our products, we’ve put safety first, so you can be confident that the treatment will be comfortable, safe and a pleasant experience all round.

Remove All Exfoliating Gel by Pro Hair Labs

To completely rejuvenate and exfoliate a tired or uncared for scalp, Pro Hair Labs Remove All is the perfect solution for a healthier head. This gentle yet effective exfoliating solution simply brushes away all traces of dead skin, leaving behind a glowingly healthy, well balanced scalp.

We have focussed on creating an exfoliating product that will suit every client, and that’s why we chose not to use crushed nut shells in Remove All, as this could cause reactions in people with any form of nut allergy. The scrubbing beads in the mixture are hypo-allergenic, and will not cause redness of discomfort in any situation.

The results are impressive, and as with all Pro Hair Labs products you can expect a safety first guarantee, giving you confidence that no toxic ingredients or otherwise harmful chemicals are present in our formula.

PHL 5 Clarifying Shampoo

Our renowned PHL 5 Shampoo is designed to be used on the hair system following cleaning with New Demension Dual Action Shampoo. This product restores the hair unit to its original, base state, removing every trace of adhesive, hair spray and any other styling product. It comes with our safety first guarantee, as well as a crisp, clean scent to make your hairpiece feel and smell its best.

PHL 5 can also be used on the scalp to remove any oily residue prior to cosmetic bonding. For best results follow use on the scalp with our Dermal Mud to leave skin clean, healthy and free from toxins.

New Demension Dual Action Shampoo by Pro Hair Labs

Pro Hair Labs have specifically developed our New Demension Dual Action Shampoo to remove adhesive residue and refresh the scalp after removal of the hair system. Gently cleansing the skin, our dual action shampoo is designed to leave your skin feeling healthy, happy and refreshed.

Formulated into this shampoo are natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, which will help keep your head in great condition and prevent problems with the hair system caused by bacterial or fungal growth. Using our Dual Action Shampoo will eliminate the need to use a separate spray on antifungal solution, which prevents the possibility of any interference with your hair adhesive and the cosmetic bonding process.

Ghost Buster Adhesive Remover For Hair Units – Pro Hair Labs

When you need an adhesive residue remover for your hair system that’s tough enough to remove every trace of your hair adhesive, Ghost Buster is the product you’ve been looking for. Developed for use on hair systems only, this adhesive residue remover is designed to clean all types of hair systems whilst still protecting them from damage.

Pro Hair Labs have developed Ghost Buster with no aloe or lanolin, keeping your hair system free from grease and oil residue, all of which can interfere with the adhesion process. The product is highly refined, and has been proven to remove adhesive residue competently and comprehensively from all types of hair, no matter what cosmetic bonding product you are using.

Adhesive Remover for skin by Amzonlace

When you need to remove adhesive residue from your scalp, you need a safety first formulation that will take care of your skin too. The Ultra Safe formula from Amazonlace has been specifically developed as an adhesive remover for skin, and is free from any harmful chemicals, toxins or other damaging ingredients.

Ultra Safe has been formulated to not only be a super powerful adhesive residue remover, but also to soothe and protect the scalp in the process. As with all our products, we have developed Ultra Safe with safety first in mind, so you know your skin will be in safe hands every time.

Unlike many other adhesive residue remover products on the market, Amazonlace have avoided the use of citrus or alcohol in Ultra Safe, because we know that these ingredients can play havoc with the PH balance of the skin. Disrupted PH balance can cause agitation of the sebaceous glands, causing the skin to secrete oils that interfere with the cosmetic bonding process. With Ultra Safe you can guarantee a perfect bond every time; we’re sure you’ll never go back.

Ghost Bond Platinum

Here at Amazonlace. we know that sometimes you need your hair adhesive to be as tough as you are. However, we also know that your investment in a premium hair replacement system should be treated with the utmost respect. That’s why we’ve developed Ghost Bond Supreme, a hair adhesive solution that takes care of your pride and your investment at the same time.
This product has been designed to cope with heavy perspiration, high humidity, oily scalps and most importantly, absorbs light to give a completely undetectable front hair line. If you are yet to find a hair adhesive product that can really hold on tight, try our Ghost Bond Supreme and see for yourself how skin friendly an aggressive, reliable hold can be.

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