AmazonLace HD System

The Million Dollar Hair System.

Amazon Lace HD is the newest cutting edge upgrade to all previous lace system on the market using our patented 3D technology, undetectable and natural-looking light and breathable.

Invisible pleating and Stitched French Lace for durability.

Estimated lifespan is 2-3 months.

Available in: All Lace, Side & Back Poly and Full Poly.

AmazonLace EXS (Genuine Silicone)

The first Genuine Silicone Amazon Lace hair system ever created This EXCLUSIVE Genuine Silicone hair replacement system has revolutionized the hair replacement industry standards
The silicone center adheres naturally to your scalp and a full poly perimeter
for ease of attachment and a ½” lace front for that natural hairline.

Estimated lifespan 4-6 weeks

AmazonLace Super Skin

Experience the most desirable, undetectable and cutting edge hair replacement system.

Amazon Lace Super Skin is the thinnest base available.  v-loop ventilation makes it look like it’s growing right out of your scalp. The high-definition hairline makes sure you get the most realistic and natural look possible.

Amazon Lace Super Skin has a lifespan of approximately 4 weeks